Hello there. I’m an art critic, artist/designer and writer focused on digital art and play living in Montreal, Canada. I’ve written for Medium’s Geek Empire under Stu Horvath and I have been published in Bit Creature, Kill Screen, Paste, Unwinnable, The Arcade Review, Five out of Ten, The Wall Street Journal Speakeasy and Billboard. My work has been featured on Critical Distance numerous times and was featured twice in The New Inquiry alongside other talented and well-regarded writers.

I also co-edited the book of short stories, Ghosts in the Machine, with Brendan Keogh.

If it helps, I have a BA in Journalism and English Literature from Concordia University, and I earned my degree in Liberal Arts at John Abbott College.

I really love to think about art of all forms, and I’m especially inspired by digital media from Fluxus to experimental games and beyond. I’m also deeply inspired by poetry and fiction, and I’m always looking for ways to connect art back to day-to-day life, nature, and the political, economic and social systems that govern the human world. Most of my critical background is in literary theory and my lenses of choice are structuralism/post-structuralism, feminism and formalism to some degree. Nothing excites me like the interplay between form, aesthetics and semiotics because I am a fun and easygoing person.

As the name implies, here you’ll find a compendium of my published writing, creative projects, contact links and a few other cool knick-knacks.

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