• Incomprehensible Casino Enforcer 

This is my very first Twine game, which is essentially an interactive collage of a very boisterous Twitter conversation with some of my favourite people, and the poem “Imagine; a town” by Canadian poet Daphne Marlatt. It was made according to Porpentine‘s “Big Chaos Twine Jam” instructions, minus the fact that I wasn’t able to do it within the time frame she had established for the event. So I just sort of made it on my own. Why not?

Play it here.

  • Tautology 

I don’t even fucking know. I guess I made this because even though I love videogames, I also deeply, deeply hate them.

Play it here. 

  • Hey, Free Cheesecake or You Have Permission to Eat Till You’re Sick

A short Twine game fueled by anger and sarcasm, as a great deal of my work is. This is my first experience using the Jonah story format as well as the one-screen Jonah macro and the  <<replace>> macro, which ended up being a really elegant and artful solution to a very annoying <<choice>> macro problem. Big thanks to Porpentine, Leon Arnott, Christine Love and Glorious Trainwrecks for all the help.

Also, there’s some symbolism and stuff in there I think.

Play it here. 

  • Button Roulette

This fun little experiment was mostly me farting around with image macros in Twine. I think it turned out ok. I still would like to update it with more pages, periodically, when I find the time. Alec Meer was also kindly enough to write a little post about it on RPS, which subsequently caused the link to explode from a traffic overload. And it was featured on, which is really cool.

Play it here.

  • The Happy Scorched Earth Incident

A Twine visual poem based on a stream-of-consciousness short story I had lying around. Made for Towerjam.

Play it here.


SUPERMOONS is about bouncing moons around in a forest. There are chimes. It’s nice. Pick it up for free here.


  • Ghosts in the Machine

I wrote a book! Sorta. I edited a book, actually, with the formidable Brendan Keogh. I also wrote a short story that’s in said book, which is, indeed, a book of short stories. The idea is that games are buggy, and bugs are cool, so 13 of us, including some darn talented writers, critics and artists, wrote some cool stories themed around why bugs (and other problems) in games can tell us things about ourselves and feelings and stuff. Featuring work by Ashton Raze, Denis Farr, Alan Williamson, Shelley “Big Shell” Du, Matt Riche, Rollin Bishop, Ian Miles Cheong, Aevee Bee, Ryan Morning, Dylan Sabin, Alois Wittwer and Maddy Myers.

You can check out the website above for contributor info and price and store details. We offer a preview and two story excerpts if you’re on the fence. Then maybe buy the whole thing please. ❤

  • Flushed

A “toilet gaming” zine edited by myself, Samantha Allen and Elizabeth Simins. Get it here.